The Best of the Rest: Arizona Wildcat Cheerleaders and the Stanford Dollies

Within the PAC-10, the Arizona Wildcats are the second most renown program in the conference.  They are a basketball power and a team that consistently produces NBA caliber players.  And they have a nice squad of cheerleaders too.

Arizona Wildcat Cheerleaders 004

Arizona Wildcat Cheerleaders 003

Arizona Wildcat Cheerleaders 001

Arizona Wildcat Cheerleaders 005

Arizona Wildcat Cheerleaders 008

Arizona Wildcat Cheerleaders 007

Arizona Wildcat Cheerleaders 006

Arizona Wildcat Cheerleaders 002

*               *               *               *              *

The Stanford Dollies are unique amongst the PAC-10’s spirit squads because, if I recall correctly, they are under the oversight of the band, not the school administration.  The Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band has since the 1960’s been student run and independent.  Not surprisingly, born out of the counter culture movement, the Stanford Band has always been irreverent and more than a little controversial.   This thumb your nose at convention has gotten the band suspended on more than one occasion, but it also makes for a very entertaining and unique experience.

And their Dollies, a five member all female dance team, make for some entertaining watching as well.

Stanford Dollies 003

Stanford Dollies 007

Stanford Dollies 005

Stanford Dollies 001

Stanford Dollies 010

Stanford Dollies 008

Stanford Dollies 009

Stanford Dollies 006

And speaking of controversial, one of their signature pieces is the cover of The Tubes, “White Punks on Dope”. I think it is a humorous and self deprecating commentary on the past admissions policies of Stanford University.

Stanford Dollies 002

And speaking of irreverent, here’s a snap shot of the Stanford band saluting the Trojan Marching Band as they played “Fight On”. The other bands and spirit squads at Fan Fest thought this was rather amusing.  It’s a salute that all UCLA Bruins recognize as well, particularly when USC’s band blusters on.  If you’ve ever been to a USC football game, you know what I speak of.

Stanford Dollies 004

One day in the future, one of these modern day hippies is going to invent the next big thing in the Internet and cash out to become a part of the establishment.

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