The New Breed: The Oregon Ducks Cheerleaders

Over the last five or six years, the Oregon Ducks Cheerleaders have gained a reputation of being the best looking, most physically fit squad in the PAC-10.  If the USC Song Girls were considered the gold standard, the University of Oregon Cheerleaders have vaulted into platinum status.  Hot looking girls, skimpy uniforms and a vivacious attitude make this squad special and arguably the best looking cheer team in the PAC-10.

Oregon Cheer 011

Oregon Cheer 003

Oregon Cheer 005

Oregon Cheer 004

Oregon Cheer 010

Oregon Cheer 012

Oregon Cheer 002

Oregon Cheer 008

Oregon Cheer 013

Oregon Cheer 007

Oregon Cheer 015

Oregon Cheer 014

I guess Phil Knight likes his cheerleaders fit and sexy. Who am I to argue with Nike’s main man?

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1 Response to The New Breed: The Oregon Ducks Cheerleaders

  1. shawn says:

    Some of the best looking cheerleaders I’ve seen.

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