Incomparable: The USC Song Girls

We continue our coverage of the PAC-10 Basketball Tournament Fan Fest with the famous USC Song Girls.  Unfortunately, I arrived at LA Live a little late and was unable to photograph the entire Battle of the Bands proceedings (which was a deviation from the published schedule of events).  So, only a handful of photographs of the incomparable USC Song Girls.

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The USC Song Girls have long had a reputation for beauty and sex appeal, but recently a series of embarrassing incidents have portrayed them in a rather unflattering light.  I won’t rehash them here, but needless to say a few indiscretions may tarnish a sterling reputation, particularly in the age of the internet and increased public scrutiny.

But let us get back to the point.  Where ever they go, the USC Song Girls are still the squad that gets the most attention.  They are the rock stars of the PAC-10 spirit squads.  And here are a few photos taken at the PAC-10 Fan Fest that prove the point.

USC Song Girls 002

USC Song Girls 003

USC Song Girls 009

USC Song Girls 013

USC Song Girls 004

USC Song Girls 007

USC Song Girls 010

USC Song Girls 012

I have long been a fan of the USC Song Girls, even though they cheer for my school’s arch rival. I do appreciate the effort they put in to maintaining a certain level of excellence and that level of consistency is to be admired and respected. Plus, they’ve had some awfully good looking squads in the past. I think it’s fair to say they are the gold standard when judging all other squads and that is a compliment to all they have achieved.

Next up, the Oregon Ducks Cheerleaders.

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