Iron Man 2 and the Charger Girls

It’s been slow lately, so I hooked up a blue-ray player to my TV and purchased a few discs to watch, one of which was Iron Man 2.  As a kid growing up in the post Vietnam war era (yes, I am that old), one of my favorite comic books to read was Iron Man.  I loved the robotic looking suit, particularly the expressionless mask that made Tony Stark inscrutable to his enemies.  I often worried that my comic book hero would be defeated by a nemesis wielding a giant electromagnet or that Tony Stark would be replaced by Stainless Steel Man or Titanium Man, because as we know iron rusts and is a brittle metal.

Well, one the first blu-ray discs I purchased was Iron Man 2.  I missed the movie during it’s theatrical release and I wanted an action flick with a lot of CGI effects to check out the properties of blu-ray in HD.  People who know me, know that I tend to over analyze films and generally do not like movies derived from comic books or graphic novels.   And this one was no different, but I kind of expected that.  Anyway, the best part of the movie other than the suit, was the Ironette dancers, whose appearance in the opening sequence was all too brief.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that a few of my favorite Charger Girls were featured as Ironettes: Kylette Zamora, Jill Ann Pineda Arnold, Melanie Brown, and Brooke Long.  So, here are a few photos I took of the gals before they hung up their go go boots for a showbiz career.

** Update – Alert reader Ron noticed that I had missed former Charger Girl Jill Ann in my original post.  Thanks Ron for the heads up.  I had to look her up in the credits to make sure, since you really can’t tell individual girls from their cameo in the movie. **


Kylette Zamora


Kylette Zamora


Kylette Zamora


Kylette Zamora


Jill Ann Pineda Arnold


Jill Ann Pineda Arnold


Melanie Brown


Melanie Brown


Brooke Long

Blu-ray on a HD TV is awesome.  The resolution is amazing and the picture quality is so sharp, Mickey Rourke’s character looks like his face has been used as a punching bag!  Wow, those make up effects are amazing.

Anyway, here are a few images of the Ironette dancers, courtesy of Coed Magazine.

Who says you have to have a pretty face to make it in Hollywood?

I must admit, these would make for some pretty kick ass cheerleading uniforms...say perhaps for the KC Chiefs? Or Perhaps a blue and gold version for the Charger Girls...nah, keep the classic CG uniform.

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2 Responses to Iron Man 2 and the Charger Girls

  1. dreaming40 says:

    Girls look HOT in the red! thanks

  2. Ron says:

    You forgot to mention Jill Ann. She’s in there too! (On the group shot, 2nd from the left, top row). She was on the same CG team as Kylette.

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