A Personal Note To The Charger Girls

Last Thursday, I dropped off a couple of DVDs of images to Giselle in the Bud Light Power Party.  The DVDs contained images that I had taken of the Charger Girls throughout the year and was for their personal enjoyment.

Because of the short turnaround between games that week, in creating the DVDs I forgot to sharpen the images in photoshop; however, I want to let them know that if they sharpen the images in a photo editing program, they should look a lot more clear.  These are my sharpening settings in Photoshop using the unsharp mask tool:  Amount – 300, Radius – 0.3 pixels, threshold – 0 levels.

So, if there is anyone out there that knows a Charger Girl, please let them know of this post.

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One Response to A Personal Note To The Charger Girls

  1. Katie says:

    Thanks David…. I will let the girls know. Thank You for all of the wonderful pictures. I know the girls and I really appreciate it. We hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Lets hope to see you in the PostSeason.

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