More Photos From The Patriots Game

The NFL celebrates breast cancer awareness in the month of October and their cheerleaders wear pink themed uniforms to honor this great cause.   But if you ask me, I think the pink jackets were a bit too much, especially on a mostly warm October day.  It’s just too much pink.  When I edited these photos, I became color blind at looking at all this pink.  Pink is a bright color.  It’s a very saturated color.  It’s a very contrasty color.  And if you stare at it too long, your eyes begin to see other colors differently.

Don’t me wrong, I support the cause, but I am a Charger Girl uniform purist.  I think the Charger Girls have the best uniforms in the NFL, by far.  So, my suggestion for next year would be to wear the standard uniform with a pink ribbon.  Simple, clean and elegant.


Charger Girl Amanda


Charger Girl Amy


Charger Girl Anjelica


Charger Girl Anjelica


Line Captain Ashlie


Line Captain Ashlie


Line Captain Ashlie


Charger Girl Courtney

In my original article, I discovered that Culture was a Charger Girl back in 1999, my first year as a Charger season ticket holder.  I am ashamed to admit it, but I didn’t believe her at first because I swear I thought she was in her early 20’s.   So, congratulations to Culture for trying out again after so many years…and making the squad.  What an inspiration for us all.  Bravo!


Charger Girl Culture


Charger Girl Emily


Charger Girl Emily

This is Emma, our resident Charger Girl from Australia.  Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!  Oye! Oye! Oye!  Honestly I don’t know what that means, I think its a greeting between Aussies.  Kind of like when guys from Jersey say, “Yo!”


Charger Girl Emma


Charger Girl Emma


Charger Girl Hannah


Charger Girl Hannah


Charger Girl Hannah

Got some cool shots of Hayley.


Charger Girl Hayley


Charger Girl Hayley


Charger Girl Hayley


Charger Girl Hayley


Charger Girl Jennifer


Charger Girl Jennifer

This is Jessie.  She used to be a Clippers Spirit dancer along with Lauren P.  I think they look better in the Charger Girl uniform, don’t you think?  Coincidentally, they both go to USC.

Fight on!


Charger Girl Jessie

I’ve always liked Katie.  She’s a great dancer and extremely photogenic.  Needless to say, when I found out she was a Laker Girl, my opinion of her skyrocketed.

Go Lakers!  Beat the Celtics!

She a true fan of the game as well.  Much respect.


Line Captain Katie


Line Captain Katie


Line Captain Katie


Charger Girl Lauren O.

Here’s our second former Clippers Spirit dancer.  I must say I do prefer them as Charger Girls.  We are fortunate to have them.


Charger Girl Lauren P.


Charger Girl Lauren P.


Charger Girl Melissa


Charger Girl Natalie


Charger Girl Natalie


Charger Girl Natalie

Love this photo of Starkesha.


Charger Girl Starkesha


Line Captain Tiffany


Line Captain Tiffany


Line Captain Tiffany

I must say I had a most difficult time getting photos with a clean background.  When the Patriots come to town, we get media from all over the country and there were a lot of photographers on the sidelines…way too many.  It is getting more and more difficult to get clean shots of the Charger Girls.  And the field crew placed a fence in the most inauspicious place…the keep off the grass fence…now why would you need such a thing on the sidelines of a football game?


You know, no one ever stays on the warning track…they’re always on the grass…so what’s the point of the fence?  It always something at a Charger game…and I pay top dollar for these inexplicable nuisances.

Oh well, that’s all for this week.  The next game…October 31st against the Tennessee Titans and you know what that means... Charger Girls in Halloween costumes!

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3 Responses to More Photos From The Patriots Game

  1. Dan says:

    Wow, I really enjoyed all the hard work that you put into these photos. They get better every game. This is a really good batch of photos aside from the pink jackets. You would never know all the obstacles that you go through looking at these photos. It’s much appreciated!!

  2. Freddy says:

    Your pictures are fantastic, but can you post them in a larger format ?
    For example: 2000 X 1500
    The quality is so good, you could and you should !!!

    Thank you

    • David Tyau says:

      Thanks for the compliments, but I am not inclined to post photos larger than what I have done in the past. My photographs have been used on other dubious sites without my permission and a few unscrupulous sellers on eBay have sold my images for profit. I can imagine what would happen if I posted higher resolution images and I don’t feel inclined to be exploited by people with questionable intentions.

      There are unscrupulous people out there and I don’t feel like enriching them at my expense. And another equally important reason is that I want to protect the cheerleaders that I photograph and not have them exploited in a similar manner. So I hope you understand why I don’t post higher resolution images or photos of a certain type.

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