Chargers Shock the Cardinals

Last week I was in Arizona to see the Cardinals play the visiting Raiders, where the red birds survived a last second field goal attempt by Oakland to preserve the victory.  This week, the Cardinals flew into San Diego to play the Chargers in a game that had long term significance for both teams.  But from the get go, only one team proved to be a serious contender for post season honors.

The Chargers thoroughly dominated the Cardinals, exposing their lack of a strong running game and an NFL caliber quarterback.  For the Chargers, the return of running back Ryan Matthews from injury and the reemergence of a dominating defense offered a glimpse of what this team can be when healthy and playing with fire.

The Chargers scored first on a touchdown pass from Philip Rivers to tight end Antonio Gates.  The Cardinals evened the score on a fumble recovery that was returned for a touchdown by safety Kerry Rhodes.  But that would prove to be the highlight of the day for the visitors from Arizona as the Chargers would score three consecutive first half touchdowns to essentially put the game out of reach.  The Chargers shocked the Cardinals, 41 – 10.

In another shocking development, I was not hassled for a second consecutive game so I was able to get some electrifying photographs of the Charger Girls, the hottest dance team in the NFL.




As is customary, let’s begin our coverage by acknowledging the Line Captains: Tiffany, Katie, Giselle, and Ashlie.





Unlike the game on the field, the competition for this week’s Charger Girl of the Day was a close one with three girls providing me with some outstanding images.  But in the end, one set of images stood out a tad more.  This week’s Charger Girl of the Day is a rookie from San Diego, introducing Hannah.






Let’s continue our coverage of the Charger Girls with the veterans Jennifer, Kimberly, Lauren O., Michelle, and Natalie.






We continue with rookies Amanda, Stephanie, Amy, Starkesha, Anjelica, Nicole, and Brianna.








And our parade of absolutely fabulous rookie Charger Girls continues with Courtney, Melissa, Culture, Marissa, Emily, Maria and Emma (Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!).








We conclude this week’s coverage with CGOTD Hannah, Lauren P., Hayley, Kylie, and Jess.







Charger Girl Bios are up on the Chargers web site and I uncovered some interesting tidbits about our beloved Charger Girls.  Jess and Lauren P. were both Clippers Spirit dancers prior to becoming Charger Girls (they look much better in a Charger Girl uniform).  Brianna and Maria were former Inland Empire 66ers Spirit Girls.  Starkesha was a former NBA dancer.  Emma, who is originally from Australia, was an Australasia National Basketball League and National Rugby League cheerleader.  CGOTD Hannah is not from Montana; she’s from San Diego.  And Kylie was the inspiration for this wonderful Simpson’s inspired piece of commissioned artwork.

Simpsons Charger Girl

Well, if the game wasn’t exactly an electrifying affair as it was for me last week in Arizona, the Charger Girls made Sunday exciting for all fans in attendance…include Max our Arizona Correspondent who made the drive to experience all the Charger Girl goodness.

This is a hot, hot, hot Charger Girl squad and I would encourage all of our readers to come out to Qualcomm stadium to share in the Charger Girl experience.  Judging from the numerous empty seats, the Chargers organization could use your patronage, just remember to bring a camera with a lens shorter than 3 inches!

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The lone highlight of the day for the Cardinals
The lone highlight of the day for the Cardinals
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  2. Richard Payne says:

    As always the best pictures around David thank you.I’ve seen now two Charger games on t.v. and NOT ONCE did they show the Charger Girls.Which makes me even more glad you are around 🙂

  3. Steve says:


    Your photos of the Charger Girls are truly breathtaking.

    I think they deserve to be posted in a much larger format
    (I have a 24 inches LCD monitor so there’s plenty of place on the display !!!)

    Thank you and keep up the good work.

  4. Ashley M says:

    Hey David,
    Is there anyway I can get a cd of pics of me!? Now that my time is complete, I would love to get any pics that you may have taken over the years!!


    • David Tyau says:

      Hey Ashley,

      It was nice seeing you again at the Power Party. I’ll send you an email with more details.

      David Tyau

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