Undeniably California Girls – Introducing the 2010 Charger Girls

Football season is upon us once again and the Chicago Bears were in town to play the San Diego Chargers in the first preseason game for both teams. When the Chicago Bears come to town, thousands of Bears fans usually make the trip to San Diego. So, there was a nice crowd on hand to enjoy the mild California weather and get their first look at football.

Preseason is where coaches and fans get to evaluate the new players and see what they have to offer. Now if you’ve read this blog, you know how I feel about preseason NFL football. Hint: it’s a rip off and the caliber of football sucks. So for me, preseason is where I get a chance to evaluate the latest crop of Charger Girls and get to size up the rookies. And let me say this to all Charger Girl fans…these girls are amazing and are worth the price of admission alone! This is a hot looking squad and I was very impressed with rookies and veterans alike.

With all due respect to Katy Perry, introducing the 2010 Charger Girls. California Girls, each and every one of them.




So let’s begin with the 2010 Line Captains: Tiffany, Katie, Giselle and Ashlie.





Let me apologize in advance if I incorrectly identify any of the Charger Girls. The audition photos online are not very good and after their makeovers a few girls look vastly different from their squad photo from which I got their names.

*      *      *      *      *

A couple of years ago, I started a new tradition called the Charger Girl of the Day. It was my way of identifying that Charger Girl who left the most memorable impression. This week’s Charger Girl of the Day is Kylie.




Other rookies who left a memorable first impression were Anjelica, Hannah, Lauren P., Melissa, Starkesha, Amy, Emily and Nicole.









This squad has an unusually high number of rookies (19) and from the following photos, I can understand why. These rookies are simply amazing. Here’s Culture, Jessie, Amanda, Hayley, Maria, Courtney, Emma, Brianna, Marissa and Stephanie.











But let’s get back to the introductions and acknowledge the returning the returning veterans: Michelle, Kimberly, Natalie, Lauren O. and her sister Jennifer.






Jennifer returns after a one year absence. She is one of the most popular Charger Girls, judging from the number of hits on my website: the hottestdanceteam.wordpress.com. Welcome back.

It was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday evening. The weather was pleasant for summer. The football was decent for preseason. And the Charger Girls were gorgeous. Director Lisa Simmons and her staff has done a wonderful job in assembling another top notch squad.

There’s something special about “California Girls”. It’s the look. That healthy, All American, girl next door look. Introducing the 2010 Charger Girls. California Girls, each and every one of them…even the ones from out of state!

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3 Responses to Undeniably California Girls – Introducing the 2010 Charger Girls

  1. Richard Payne says:

    As always David, FANTASTIC photos of the most beautiful ladies on the planet (or perhaps tied with the Song Girls). Best work on the web or any where else. More Charger Girls please (in my Oliver Twist voice) sir.

  2. Kirklund Van Irvin says:

    To Mr. Tyau ,

    As a fan of Professional Cheerleaders in general, I stumbled on to your blog through the Ultimate Cheerleaders website. I’ve seen your stuff for years and I just wanted to let you know your one of the better cheerleader photographers out there. I thought you were one of the official team photographers, your stuff is so good. Thank you , and keep up the good work!

    • David Tyau says:

      Thanks for the kind words. I am not, unfortunately, a team photographer. That would be amazing, though.

      No, I am just a fan that goes to the games and who likes to share his photos of the Charger Girls.

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