She’s Back! Charger Girl Jennifer

There are many Charger Girl fans out there and all of us were saddened when many of our all time favorite Charger Girls decided to retire.  Many lamented the loss of Marlina.  Many lamented the loss of Casie.  And of course, I lamented the loss of many of my personal favorites, including both of our former USC Song Girls, Jacquelyn and Nicole M.  And I’ll miss Heather, one of my all time favorites.

That is the nature of professional cheerleading.  It’s a young girl’s game and their time in the uniform, much like an NFL player, is startlingly brief.  So, we must enjoy them while we can.  But the loss of so many beloved veteran Charger Girls is mitigated by the return of another fan favorite, Jennifer.

For those of you who forgot what Jennifer looked like, these photos were taken in her rookie season.  She was a Charger Girl back in 2008 and garnered all sorts of deserved attention for her sultry look.

On April 16th, the 2010 Charger Girls were announced.  From what I could tell, there were 8 returning Charger Girls from the 2009 squad, 19 rookies and one returning veteran from a previous year.  That returning veteran was Jennifer.

I am so very pleased that Jennifer decided to tryout again for the squad.  As you can tell, she is one of the most photogenic Charger Girls out there and she’s very good looking to boot.  So, I hope that knowing that Jennifer will grace the sidelines again will help salve the wounds of those Charger Girl fans who still mourn the loss of their favorites.

And if that doesn’t, over the next few weeks I will be posting my own photo tribute of some of those Charger Girls who retired from the 2009 squad.  So, keep an eye out.

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  1. Irving Waltham of the Coney Island Walthams says:

    she’ll catch her death of cold going uncovered like that.

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