2010 Charger Girls To Be Announced Friday!

For me, the most eagerly awaited day of the football year is not draft day.  It’s the day that the new Charger Girls are announced.  Why?  Because it’s the first chance to see the new squad.  It’s a chance to see which veterans are returning and the first opportunity to check out the rookies.   And on Friday, the 2010 Charger Girls will be announced on www.Chargers.com.

Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to cover the 2010 Charger Girl auditions for UltimateCheerleaders.com.  (Don’t feel too bad for me, I’ll be covering the Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader auditions this weekend).  But Mike Nowak, the Charger’s official photographer, has uploaded several photographs from last Sunday’s preliminary auditions.  Mike’s a very talented photographer, one that I’ve long admired, and if he ever needs an assistant, I am available!

Former Charger Girl and current Clipper Spirit Katrina demonstrates the proper dance technique.

Here’s veteran Michelle #137.

Looks like Line Captain Ashlie is in mid-season form.  I like the boots…it let’s the judges know that she was a Charger Girl last year.  A very good strategy to stand out.

It think this blonde is #176  in the photo above.  She looks like Charger Girl material to me.

In the photo below, I think I spotted another former USC Song Girl trying out for the Charger Girls.  If my memory serves, #215 is Heather Assof.

And while my eagle eye was sifting through Mike’s photos for anything of interest, I think I spotted Brooke Long, # 431.  It’s hard to tell, but it sure looks like it to me.  Brooke was a former Charger Girl, Laker Girl, Miami Heat Dancer and was one of the brief case girls on NBC’s Deal or No Deal.  Regarding her come back, if it’s up to me…DEAL!

And while on the topic, Charger Girl fans will remember Jennifer from two years ago.  If my 40+ year old, diabetic eyes don’t deceive me, I think she’s trying out again.  I am sure many Charger Girl fans will be rooting for her to make it back.

I guess this next photo confirms, it’s Jennifer…posing with some of the veterans from last year.

And speaking of veteran Charger Girls, I am sure some of your favorites tried out again like Emily, Katie, Ashley and Natalie.

If I recall correctly, Katie was a Laker Girl a few years ago.

And I see veteran Andrea and I think 2009 rookie Kimberly (in pink with head down) in this photograph.

It would be remiss of us to not show a photo of Director Lisa Simmons, the person responsible for what the Charger Girls have become…THE HOTTEST DANCE TEAM IN THE NFL!

Thanks to Mike Nowak and the Chargers organization for sharing these photos with us.  Remember, the 2010 Charger Girls will be announced this Friday on www.Chargers.com.

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