Chargers Win Makes The Dolphins An Endangered Species

It was another hot, hot Sunday at Qualcomm Stadium.  Fortunately, the temperatures on the field only reached the low 90’s, but for the Miami Dolphins it must have seemed like they were in hot water when the Chargers launched an aerial attack in the third quarter to take control of the game.  Eric Weddle’s interception return for a touchdown sealed the victory for the Chargers, who went on to prevail 23-13.  With the loss, the Dolphins start the season with a 0-3 record and I don’t have to tell you how many teams that started the season with three losses and made the Super Bowl.

This Sunday, I headed down to the Bud Light Power Party to pass out some photos to the Charger Girls and to get a calendar signed for our fearless publisher, James.  While there I met up with an acquaintance and fan of the blog, Jeff, who gave me a copy of Raiderettes: Forty Years of Pride, Poise and Personality, a slick book documenting the history of the Raiderettes.  Apparently, these books were given out at a Raiderette reunion many years ago.  Jeff and I both attended Raiders games in Los Angeles, before becoming Charger converts when the Silver and Black skipped town.  Thanks, Jeff.

The Bud Light Power Party is where the Charger Girls sign autographs and pose for photos with fans of both teams.  For those who have never been to a Charger game, it’s a great opportunity for fans to meet the Charger Girls and soak up the NFL experience.

But enough of this small talk; let’s get on with this week’s coverage of The Hottest Dance Team in the NFL, your Charger Girls.




As is custom, let’s start this week’s coverage by introducing the Line Captains: Ashlie, Marlina, Marisa and Tonya.


This week’s Charger Girl of the Day is truly an international beauty, Giselle.


Last week, we did not get a chance to properly introduce Tonya’s line.  Let us rectify that by getting to know her line in more detail.  Brittany R. was born and raised in California.  She was a member of Orange Coast College’s nationally acclaimed dance team and aspires one day to become a doctor.


Vanesa, a second year Charger Girl, was born and raised in San Diego, California.  She was a four year member of SDSU’s cheer team and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction for Elementary School Teachers.


Andrea is originally from San Antonio, Texas and graduated from SDSU with a degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Fitness, Nutrition and Health.  She tells me that the most rewarding aspect of being a Charger Girl was being able to honor our military by performing at MCAS Miramar for Military Appreciation Day.


Kimberly, an aspiring writer, is currently taking dance classes and studying Literary Journalism at UC Irvine.  Her parents are from Southern Louisiana and her southern heritage has influenced Kimberly’s love for art, music and spicy food.


As I mentioned last week, Emily was raised in South Pasadena and attended San Diego State University.  She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Art with an emphasis in Interior Design and was a member of the SDSU Cheer Team.


Ashley is a 6th year veteran Charger Girl who was born and raised in San Diego, California.  I chatted with her two weeks ago at the Power Party and she tells me that she’s only three years shy of the record for most years as a Charger Girl (which is held by Kathy Perez at nine years, so I am told).  Personally, I’d love for her to break the record…then again, I like seeing Ashley on the sidelines on Sundays.


Now that introductions are complete, let us turn our attention to some of the more memorable images of the week.  Let’s just call this next section, Katie’s section as I have several notable photos of the peppy Charger Girl.




Heather, Casie, and Nicole L. are three Charger Girls that always make for a beautiful and interesting photograph.



Four rookies that always leave a positive impression are Lauren, Belinda, Melanie and Natalie.





And let’s end this week’s coverage with a few photos of Brittany W., Giselle, Jacquelyn and Carly N.





Well, that’s all for this week.  Next week, I’ll be up in the Bay Area to visit my nephew and take in a 49ers game, where I hope to get some photos of the 49er Gold Rush.  And what’s coming up the in next few months? Marisa tells me that the Charger Girls have special throw back uniforms for the 50th Anniversary AFL game, Halloween costumes for…Halloween and the venerable blue velvet uniforms for Christmas.  Can’t wait!

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3 Responses to Chargers Win Makes The Dolphins An Endangered Species

  1. Ron S says:

    Hey David, did you happen to get a picture of one of your favorite (ex)Charger Girl at the stadium? I’m talking about the one and only Kylette!

    • David Tyau says:

      Sorry, I didn’t see her at the game.

    • Jeff S. says:

      Hi David, This is Jeff. Im glad you now have that book and I have mine, its a real eye opener. Those pics from the early sixties and seventies are cool and the” remember when” pages are fun to read. I wish that the L.A. Raiders had a Party Tent for the fans with the Raiderettes in attendance before the games like the Chargers provide for the fans and the Charger Girls ! Its a special opportunity taking pictures for the Charger Girls these days. Have fun up north and Ill see at the games. Ill try to sit down low to take some Halloween pics ! P.S. Rivers deep pass to Floyd to help win that Dolphin game must of made Al Davis jealous. Good !!!!

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